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PUBLISHED 17 Apr 2014
John 15:13 Welcome day seven of Easter! The last supper occurred on this day/evening. To sup means to have fellowship or share together. Here on this most solemn of occasions in the Lord Jesus' life He and his devoted men shared a last supper. It was on this night one disciple would betray Him, and another deny Him. Nevertheless, Jesus shared His heart and last message with His followers. Here are the words of Jesus that tender night,"Greater love has no love than this then to lay down His life…
PUBLISHED 16 Apr 2014
Luke 24:1-6 The sixth day of glorious Easter is upon us! There is something very special about early in the morning or as we call it dawn. I have witnessed some of the most spectacular sunrises in one of our homes that faced east and looked out upon the water. The women arrived very early on Easter morning. There they found the stone rolled away and Jesus was risen from the dead! Jesus rose early many times to pray. Take a day to rise early to pray and remember to…
PUBLISHED 15 Apr 2014
John 20:3-10 Today on day 5 of Easter we're going to talk about a foot race. The race was between two disciples, Peter and John, racing to the tomb where Jesus was laid. News had spread quickly that Jesus had risen from the dead. John outran Peter and was the first to arrive at the empty tomb. Easter in many ways is about a chase in search of the Living God. We all need to chase after the Lord in our lives, seeking every opportunity to find Him. Ask Jesus…
PUBLISHED 14 Apr 2014
The fourth day of Easter has arrived with spring in the air. Today we want to think and contemplate on God's marvelous grace! Easter sets in motion the new covenant of grace offered in Jesus. The door has been opened for a new and living way. This way doesn't condemn, but only forgives and forgets. Easter pours out grace upon grace and releases us from fear, doubt, and failure. Open your heart once again to the Lord's unending and always abounding grace! Happy Easter!Pastor Scott Want to receive these messages…

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